I have built se mono bocks. They both work very well. Iused Hammond Transformers. I plan to do a PP amp. I wish some one can tell me the matching impedence for the PP amp. Push pull amp for GU50 March 17, 2011 at 1:10 PM Anonymous said... 6800 ohm, 800 v.,45 ma March 17, 2011 at 2:30 PM Anonymous said.. GU50 USSR LS50 Telefunken FU50 China. Tubes.rs Image of EL 152 valve (JPG). Wiwitubes.com Image of Wavebourn unit (JPG). Wavebourn.com Image of ГУ- 50 Values (JPG). Wavebourn.com This page was last edited on 23 November 2020, at 00:29 (UTC). Text is available.

Title: GU50 Author: Electronintorg Subject: JA-2003-01-18 Created Date: 12/13/2002 5:28:06 P Frequency bands: all HF amateur bands: 1.8 MHz to 29.7 MHz: Power supply: 2 power supply transformers: 900 VA & 1.5 VA: Plate voltage: 1200: V: at full output powe Re: Plate 800v / G2 300v for GU50 PP 120W - Which PI and how arranged ? « Reply #16 on: May 17, 2015, 05:19:42 pm » Oh, is my friend that has the green thum

GLOWBUGS INFO: GU-50 (ГУ-50) Power Pentod

GU-50 - Wikipedi

  1. ium cap and handle are electrically isolated from the valve itself
  2. denhez vagy 3-4 kg. Kíváncsi lennék próbálta e már valaki ezeket kimenőnek
  3. The Tung-Sol 6550 was defined with a maximum variation on heater voltage of 10%, which by itself is quite unusual for power tube. The cathode temperature of a power tube depends a lot on the use condition. Some PP amplifiers are made for 35 Watt output power only, while some others proudly squeeze out full 100 Watt out of the poor tubes
  4. Pontos idő: 2020.08.29. 23:26: Fórum kezdőlap » DIY - Csináld magad AUDIO » Erősítők » Csöves. Időzóna: UTC + 1 óra [ nyi] GU50? miért ne
  5. PP kimenő pár 3,5K 8 Ohm, PP Kimenő Transzformátor, Trafók, a Csemer Transformer terméke, 1pár PP kimenő 3,5K 8 Ohm M102 55 2A3, EL508,PL508,GU50 PP erősítőhöz
  6. GU-50 PP amp project - Any favs? A while back I bought a bunch of these tubes and sockets and put them aside awaiting time and motivation to use them. I am now at a point where I'd like to put them to use. I'd like to build a PP amp preferably using octal support tubes. I've done a bit of searching here and on Google and found a few interesting.
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It's the big brother to my SE GU50. Chassis is made the same, except a little bigger. 5 transformers and 2 chokes, 37 lbs, 50 watts. The last picture is it's older, but littler brother GU50, GU50 NOS, Teljesítmény Pentódák, NOS csövek, Általános jellemzők A GU50 - ГУ 50 - LS50 pentóda. Katonai minőség GU-50-et használják audiofil SE teljesítmény erősítőkben. Használják még rádiófrekvenciás oszcillátorokban &e.. It was pure lust and love at first sight. I found the RL12P35 german transmitting pentodes and couldn't resist in buying them. A very nice set of NOS Telefunken and Valvo valves with also NOS sockets. These pentodes look like a de-rated LS-50/GU-50 and very interesting candidates for a nice PP amp Browse amp gu50 pp pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucke I also auditioned this GU50 PP amp against my well-regarded PSE 300b Monobloc amplifiers which sounded quite amorphous in comparison but typical of most single ended amplifiers, nice in the broard midrange but soft elsewhere. Guess which will be staying in my system. For a relatively budget design I am so impressed

Magnus was kind enough to equip me with a couple of GU50. I ordered e few more, so now I wanna start a project using this tube. I want push pull UL and I am aiming for 30 Watts per channel. People get much more power out of that tube, it's rated 55 watts, but I am only interested in class A UL, otherwise I find it a wast of time a 2 GU50 PP bass amp is of interest to me also if the power will be near 70/80W Please if you arrive to a concrete result I would like to know details on your realization especially about PI - Power Tubes - Power Supply Thanks K. Logged Lindsay. Gearhead; Posts: 548 Output: GU50 Driver: 6Pi3C/6N3C (very similar to the 6L6GC) input: 6N6p / 6H6pi Driver stage operating point is set with current sources. Output stage operating point is set with current sinks. (Stable, reliable, easy to set.) Has a custom designed soft start circuit. Extra OP tube sockets and extra tubes

EL34 is a power pentode, like the GU50 (which is quite similar to EL152). I believe my question was pretty obvious - Has anyone done a direct comparison between a KT88 and GU50 based amps? In case it still isn't - i am asking about the sound. What's similar, what's different People who claim to have experience with the GU50 run it a 2-3.5k in SE and PP (at least at low voltage). They think the low output impedance matches the tube's characteristics. 3. The coupling capacitor seems too low at 0.15, maybe needs to be 0.33

DC9DZ: Project 6-Pack - Power Amplifier (PA) using six GU50

  1. d nagyszerű erősítők de a GU-50 SE nekem , szerintem jobb. Markáns , határozott, nagy dinamikával szólal meg. Igazi audiofile cső. Nagyon , nagyon jó hangja van
  2. GU50 Double parallel push pull By Pornnarong Boonkhant @ DAV http://www.diyaudiovillage.net/index.php?topic=19942.12
  3. Title: LS50 Author: Telefunken Subject: RS-FP-2006-03-05 Created Date: 3/5/2006 3:44:37 P
  4. Minimum 30W-ra sok lehetőség van. EL34 PP, EL/PL509 PP, 807 PP, GU50 PP például. Ezek a csövek és a meghajtóik több-kevesebb utánjárással beszerezhetőek. Ha bolond biztos kell, EL34-et ajánlom, régóta ismert
  5. My first build was a single ended octal power tube based on an AX84 design. Everything went well and the amp sounds great. I understood the OT selection for SE no problem and I can reverse engineer common topologies and data sheet recommendations, also no problem
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  7. Hobbielektronika.hu, Elektronikáról Neked! Ne feledd betartani a fórum viselkedési szabályait, és a topik megmaradásának feltételeit.lin
GU50 PP Production proces (자작) - YouTube

Your OPTs are probably quite capable to serve the GU50's. My next PP project could also be a complete ruskie one. Thinking of the 6n1p as input (or the sweet sounding 6j9p), again the 6n6p as LTP - driver and GU50's. Top . Soundbrigade Post subject: Re: New PP 6550 amp - 60 Watts Hi, my name is Doug Hoffman The EL34, in EL34 World, refers to my alias, which I have been using since 1999. I first used EL34 as my gaming name when playing Quake 3 at LAN parties and on the internet Sep 21, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by A. Joe Petrucce. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

Plate 800v / G2 300v for GU50 PP 120W - Which PI and how

  1. Super Sound Devices SE-PP30 is their first integrated valve amplifier based on a modernized Williamson circuit.It is a 30 Watt per channel Push-Pull, operating in ultra-linear mode, optionally switchable to triode mode. Soviet triodes 6N8S are used as driver at the pre-amplifier stage
  2. Foreword. All the schematics you'll find below are quite large, enough to keep the value of the components readable. They will certainly not fit completely onto your screen, but you can scroll through or save the GIF on your disk (click with the right button of your mouse ON the schematic and choose the option Save Image As) and print it with a common bitmap program
  3. Ami a gu50-ben megfogott, hogy 7-800V-ig lehet használni, itt jött egy 5let, mi lenne, ha a 807-es helyett kipróbálnám a régi beagok javítására. Ez az amiért ismerkedésből először szeretném a csövet kipróbálni, s ha bevállna akkor jöhet a 807-ről gu50-re csere. Sok régi erősítő kelhetne újra életre
  4. Subject: Odp: GU50/LS50 w zastosowaniu audio (bylo: Problem ze wzm. 250W na GU50 - w.cz.) Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 13:06:08 +0100 za GU50 placilismy po 25 a znalazlem i po 15pl

About GU50 PP in UL with separate G2 winding and supply

Épiteni szeretnék 2db GU50-nel egy PP erősitőt, csak végfokot, mert gitárerősitő lenne, és az előfok amit használok már bevált máskor is. Tudnáto küldeni kapcsolási rajzot. Minden érdekel. Köszönettel: Tóth Gábor Shishido Amplifiers Skematic There are only shishido's amplifiers some of circuit diagram .however he was passed way on early 1998. (Shishido Amplifier Skematic Amplificadores de Shishido Skematico

Forum audio samograditelja • View topic - GU50 PP double

This calculator allows you to trace the anode characteristics graph, and to compute and tune loadline and operating point of various vacuum tubes.. It considers both reactive loads and resistive load. You can: choose among most common vacuum tubes (I am slowly adding more), set the operation modality, among ultralinear, pentode, and triode (suppressor tied to cathode) mode GU50 Osram R° GU50.pdf (89422 bytes) GU50 50 : Electronintorg P~ GU50.pdf (161755 bytes) GU50 50 Lamina P~ GU50.pdf (506809 bytes) (pl) GU53A 53: Electronintorg Q~ GU53A.pdf (277874 bytes) GU53B 53: Electronintorg Q~ GU53B.pdf (289227 bytes) GU56 56 Electronintorg T SE-transformer than for a PP-transformer. I shall return to this matter later, but I can without exaggerating say that the output transformer found in the SE-amplifiers of almost every radio receiver, tape recorder or record player in the late fifties and in the sixties was very poor as was the design of the amplifiers Napraviću PP triodni spoj GU50 na bazi PRIBOJ-evih odličnih dvostrukih C izlaznih trafoa i moćnog dvostrukog C mrežnog. Naponi 420V anodni , 80mA anodne struje oko 2,5kohma impedanse savršeno odgovaraju. Blizu 50W čiste A klase! Balansiran ulaz! Iskoristiću modifikovanu Allen Wright shemu dvostepenog pojačala bez globalne NFB

GU-50 P-P Tube AMP - YouTub

  1. GU50 II. - a híres GU-50 SE újabb változata - (7W SE erősítő) Orosz varázs a GU-50-nel - A legolcsóbb GU50 (ГУ-50) PCL86 PP - Oldalanként, csak kétcsöves erősítő (10W) A FITE Duophon erősítő utánépítése. - némi építési tanáccsal (ECC85, 6L6 - PP 20W
  2. GU50 - Bartola® Valve
  3. audiodiyers.hu :: Téma megtekintése - GU50? miért ne
  4. GU-50 @ The Valve Museu
  5. GU-50 PP Vezetékelése-MEGOLDVA Elektrotany
6P45PP – AKSGU 50 - wwwProjeto com GU50 para guitarra (Som na caixa)GU50 PP 40W - Röhrenverstärker Debugging, RöhrengeräteAlligator: PP amp with SE soundGU50-PP
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