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  1. 3. Using inline SVG in HTML5. Essentially you are embedding all your SVG codes inside your HTML: <body> <svg xmlns=http://www.w3.org/2000/svg> <text x=10 y=50 font-size=30>My SVG</text> </svg> </body>
  2. Another SVG in HTML example: A swarm of motes Working example that works in both Mozilla and in Internet Explorer with Adobe's SVG Viewer installed. (For inline SVG to work in both Firefox and Internet Explorer it is necessary to serve documents with a different Content-Type to each browser
  3. SVG is a markup language, scalable vector graphics, created by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), designed for describing two-dimensional vector and mixed vector / raster graphics in XML. Supports both and animated, interactive graphics and declarative scripting
  4. Step 1: Create an HTML5 Page You can interact with the SVG elements using DOM techniques, as you would with other web page elements. In this tutorial, we are going to work through a practical example of an inline SVG by creating a simple component representing a record deck
  5. I have the following JSFiddle where an SVG is placed on the left to some text inside a button. I would like the SVG to be inline with the text so that it is vertically positioned in the button. I thought about using the following methods: Using line-height though that does not appear to work
  6. 3. How to use inline SVG images. SVG images can be written directly into the HTML document using the<svg> </svg> tag. To do this, open the SVG image in VS code or your preferred IDE, copy the code, and paste it inside the <body> element in your HTML document. <body> // Paste the SVG code here. </body>

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Using SVG as an <object>. If inline SVG just isn't your jam (remember it does have some legit drawbacks like being hard to cache), you can link to an SVG file and retain the ability to affect its parts with CSS by using <object>. <object type=image/svg+xml data=kiwi.svg class=logo> Kiwi Logo </object> There are two display values: block and inline. A block-level element always starts on a new line and takes up the full width available. An inline element does not start on a new line and it only takes up as much width as necessary. The <div> element is a block-level and is often used as a container for other HTML elements With Inline SVG technique you can put your graphics directly in your html source code, so there is no need to load any external files. Just imagine loading your html code and all the graphics in the same http request. Yes, it sounds good, and it's easy as pie Let's see if Scott's idea can extend to SVG icons. Starting with inline SVG. Like this <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=en> <head> <title>Inline SVG</title> <link rel=stylesheet href=/styles/style.css> </head> <body>. I've had experience using SVG files as image sources and in icon fonts, but this work was my first opportunity to really dig into it's most powerful use case, inline in HTML. Inline SVG simply refers to SVG markup that is included in the markup for a webpage

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  1. Display Inline SVG Using the <img> Tag 2011-10-19T00:00:00.000Z. SVG can be embedded into HTML documents with the <img> tag. Even better, standards-compliant browsers.
  2. In other words, an inline <svg> in the page would contain the <text> of the illustration, and then I'd reference the rest of the the illustration using an <image> element, within the same inline svg. So, in essence, I'd be working with SVG content in a similar way to HTML text and images
  3. SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics files have become very popular nowadays. Formats of vector images have been the primary features for 2d graphics that support animation and interactivity. Text files (XML) correctly define SVG files regarding their behaviors and images. SVG files are editable. So, you can adjust them using any text editing software
  4. SVG file viewer & editor online. Enter file name: Code

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CSS Inlined SVG Backgrounds. An SVG can be inlined directly in CSS code as a background image. This can be ideal for smaller, reusable icons and avoids additional HTTP requests .svg-container { display: inline-block; position: relative; width: 100%; padding-bottom: 100%; vertical-align: middle; overflow: hidden; } Note that the width used in the CSS assumes that you want the SVG image to be the full width of the page (or at least its parent container) Sara Soueidan's — Making the Switch Away from Icon Fonts to SVG Chris Coyier's — Inline SVG vs Icon Fonts [CAGEMATCH] Tyler Sticka's — Seriously, Don't Use Icon Fonts Sarah Drasner's — Create an SVG Icon System with React. Written by. Elliot Dahl. San Francisco based artist and designer Loads an SVG source and inline <svg> element so you can manipulate the style of it - shrpne/vue-inline-svg. SVG attributes. Other SVG and HTML attributes will be passed to inlined <svg>. Except attributes with false or null value. <!-- input --> < inline-svg fill-opacity = 0.25 :.

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  1. E de <svg> inline pra todos os outros - sprites, animações, customizar CSS etc. Confira mais conteúdo com nossos artigos sobre Front-end. Conheça nossos cursos de Front-end
  2. August 16, 2018 Semantic HTML for Colors August 11, 2018 SVG Filters: The Crash Course January 10, 2018 Case Study: Optimizing SVG Text & Image Delivery with Inline SVG When One SVG Embedding Technique Is Not Enoug
  3. Generating SVG from font icons. If you are wondering how to generate these SVG to be used inline from a font icon, then let me tell you that it is quite easy to do with icomoon app.You can simply select the icon you want to be converted into SVG using the icomoon app, and hit on Generate SVG at bottom
  4. On occasion you may want elements in your SVGs to be clickable and to link to external or same-page URLs. It's easy to do with good old anchor tags (<a>).The only major difference really is the need to use xlink:href instead of simply href.Also, you'll want to make sure that the xlink namespace is declared on your SVG element. This only works with inline SVGs, not with SVGs that are included.
  5. - Another method for adding SVG to your webpages,aside from inserting via an image tag,is to add the XML code directly inlinein the HTML or even CSS.And this is actually pretty useful if you want to accessthe content within the SVG to do things like--If you look right here, to maybe changethis shape's CSS fill or to animate somethingusing CSS animation or perhaps.

Vecta is a real time, collaborative SVG editor with a powerful Javascript based plugin system, for teams. Easily extend and automate, or create flowcharts, UML, network, isometric and web diagrams with thousands of included symbols. Export to multiple formats and resolution, including PNG, JPG and minified SVG that is very small in size and renders beautifully on all devices There is a reason for this similarity. Both SVG and HTML are XML based. To use this direct / inline representation of an SVG image in our document, all we have to do is copy/paste the entire svg content from a SVG file into the DOM

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Lo and behold, a very similar effect is now possible using a combination of inline SVG, HTML5 video and a little CSS. This example of SVG, created by web developer Mike Thomas, presently only works in Firefox 4 and above,. An SVG can also be embedded in a document inline — as a code island — using the <svg> tag. This is one of the most popular ways to embed SVGs today. Working with inline SVG and CSS is a lot easier because the SVG can be styled and animated by targeting it with style rules placed anywhere in the document Embedding SVG into HTML Pages. Safari, and Opera, as well as Internet Explorer 9 and above support inline SVG rendering. Drawing Path and Shapes with SVG. The following section will explain you how to draw basic vector-based paths and shapes on the web pages using the newly introduced HTML5 <svg> element

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SVG means Scalable Vector Graphics, It is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics. The advantage of the format is that it defined in XML text files. This means that they can be searched, indexed, scripted, and compressed, now WikiPedia.org's graphic is SVG format. The SVG Editor/Viewer Online will help you view the SVG code and preview what's the code will display. what. Learn more about html-webpack-inline-svg-plugin@0..12 vulnerabilities. html-webpack-inline-svg-plugin@0..12 has 2 known vulnerabilities found in 2 vulnerable paths The Blade SVG package adds a new directive for either inline SVG or using SVG sprites. Once installed this gives you the option to picking what choice best suits your project through a config item: return [ 'inline' => true, // True renders the full icon SVG inline by default // False references the sprite sheet and render the icon with a `use. That tool involves using a JS library and looks overly complicated to me. An alternative is to drag your svg image into Chrome, then view the page source to see the svg code

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  1. No SVG não é diferente, ele além de compartilhar uma série de propriedades com o CSS, também tem suas propriedades únicas. Se quiser saber melhor de todas as propriedades tem esse artigo da W3C sobre SVG 1.1 e temos também o draft da W3C sobre SVG 2. Métodos para estilizar Estilo inline
  2. Inline. Putting your SVG code inline will save an HTTP request but it will mean the image isn't cached by the browser. It is the easiest way to manipulate, however maintaining inline SVG code can be a pain
  3. In the first SVG we see the entire 100px by 100px circle, but in the second SVG when we set our viewport size to 50px by 50px we only see a quarter of the circle.. SVG viewBox. The viewBox can be thought of as much like the viewport but with two extra features: it can pan and it can zoom. Building on the looking through glass analogy, if the viewport is like a window, the.
  4. It's still built on top of plain HTML text content but it runs with a dynamic SVG filter. This is a bit more technical but also grants much more control to the developer. Instead of messing around with Illustrator to create SVG files you can code inline SVGs right in your HTML doc. 6. Canvas Text Mas
  5. SVG 在 HTML 页面 SVG 文件可通过以下标签嵌入 HTML 文档:<embed>、<object> 或者 <iframe>。 SVG的代码可以直接嵌入到HTML页面中,或您可以直接链接到SVG文件。 使用 <embed> 标签 <embed>: 优势:所有主要浏览器都支持,并允.
  6. DOCTYPE html > < html > < body > < svg xmlns = http://www.w3.org/2000/svg version = 1.1 height = 190 > < polygon points = 100,10 40,180 190,60 10,60 160,180 style = fill:lime;stroke:purple;stroke-width:5;fill-rule:evenodd; > </ svg > </ body > </ html >

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and it is a language for describing 2D-graphics and graphical applications in XML and the XML is then rendered by an SVG viewer.. SVG is mostly useful for vector type diagrams like Pie charts, Two-dimensional graphs in an X,Y coordinate system etc. SVG became a W3C Recommendation 14 Less frequently, you'll find yourself reaching for inline styles. But they're still important to know about because there are certain occasions when they come in handy. With inline styles, you'll add the style attribute to an HTML tag followed by your CSS to style an element If you embed the SVG image inside an HTML page, you can also embed the style sheet for the SVG image inside the HTML page. Here is an example: <html> <body> <style> </style> <svg> </svg> </body> </html> To add styles to the shapes inside the SVG image, just add regular CSS properties inside the style element. You can style the SVG elements using the same CSS selectors you would normally use for HTML

The ability to inline SVG in HTML makes this format a unicorn in the scene, as other images can't do this, and must be fetched by opening a separate request for each one. SVG Elements. In the example above you saw the usage of the rect element. SVG has a lot of different elements. The most used ones are. text: creates a text elemen Editable SVG Icon Systems Base Example. There are many ways to create an SVG Icon System, but one method that takes advantage of Vue's capabilities is to create editable inline icons as components. Some of the advantages of this way of working is: They are easy to edit on the fly; They are animatabl

A limitation is that you can't use an external stylesheet to apply styling to an externally linked SVG. Option 1: Embed the SVG code inline in the HTML (my favorite) This makes the SVG element and its contents part of the document's DOM tree, so they're affected by the document's CSS Icomoon SVG sprite download. Leave all the default options intact while downloading. We'll be getting rid of most of them, though make a note of the 'Color' and 'Icon Height' options. Once you download the zip file the SVG sprite will be in /sprites/sprites.svg Copy the SVG tag. Once opened, use your cursor to select only the contents of the <svg> tag. There will be a line at the top of the file that begins with <?xml Ignore this line and any additional comment lines at the top of the document. Everything within the <svg> tags is valid HTML markup and may be placed in an HTML page Using an external SVG sprite from HTML. For the inline sprite, the first two icons are in an SVG element at the start of the page, and the last two in a SVG element at the end of the page. External sprite, default styles. External sprite, styled. Inline sprite, default styles. Inline sprite, styled. Some test result

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SVG Convert is a lightweight (~1kb minified) jQuery plugin that has the ability to convert the static SVG images into inline SVG elements (paths, circles and polygons) so that you can style them whatever you like. See also: jQuery Plugin To Make SVG Images Inline - svg-to-inline; jQuery Based Picture To SVG (Vector) Converter - VectorCa Displaying SVG in web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer can be done in several ways: Point the browser to the URL of the SVG file. Embed SVG inside an HTML page; You can embed an SVG image in an HTML file in several ways: Using an iframe element; Using an img element; Using the SVG image as background image. Using an svg elemen Accessible SVG Icons with Inline Sprites. Posted on December 4, (XML) specification, which can be embedded into an HTML document using the <svg> element like the following code example (the SVG in the example would show an arrow pointing downwards in a browser) Method Draw is an open source SVG editor for the web, you can use it online without signing up

Test cases on HTML/SVG content. All code blocks are real-time editable. Prefixes are required for some test cases, but are automatically added by Autoprefixer for convenience. In the page: Clipping Masking Notes. Referencing inline SVG <mask>, using (default) luminance mas Left SVG with seven decimal points, and right zero. Adding the SVG to HTML. We did most of our initial testing by adding the SVG directly into the body of our HTML, and sending via Blat. The couple of ESPs I tried didn't support SVG unless converted to base64, so it might be the only way to go

In HTML, the division of HTML attributes and CSS properties is the semantics/styling one. In SVG, some think of CSS support as more fundamental to the semantics of the document: that a shape has a particular size or dimension is probably semantically important, but also its color will be Yes, it is possible to have inline SVG as a background image in CSS, by using data URIs. It can prove tricky though. For I.E. you need to base64 your SVG code - (just the svg tag and its contents). Some suggest reasons for not going the base64 rou.. <svg> タグを使う ─ html内に(インラインで)直接svgタグでベクターパスを指定して描画するやり方。 <svg id= logomark x= 0px y= 0px width= 155px height= 155px viewBox= 0 0 155 155 enable-background= new 0 0 155 155 > <polygon id= logomark-polyline fill-rule= evenodd clip-rule= evenodd fill= #0CB9C7 points= 128.25,26 147.19,96.69 95.44,148.44 24.75,129.5 5.81,58.81 57.56,7.06 /> </svg> Part 1 - Inline SVG - Icon Components. Part 2 - SVG Image Sprites - SVG Symbols - Icon Fonts. Inline SVG. This is probably the easiest way to include icons in your project: copy the code of the icon and paste it in your document where you want the icon to be visible

My front-end course: https://www.udemy.com/git-a-web-developer-job-mastering-the-modern-workflow/?couponCode=YOUTUBEDEAL My new advanced WordPress course: ht.. Today we'll be stepping you through the basics of using animateTransform to generate inline animations with SVG (scalable vector graphics).. If you're brand new to SVG I recommend checking out Getting Started With Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to bring you up to speed. The techniques you'll be learning will allow you to create sophisticated icon and image animations without a single GIF.

Inline SVG. HTML5 brings with it To include SVG using HTML syntax you must use a browser with an HTML5 parser. So far only Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 have HTML5 parsers. Note that Name Spaces are not allowed with HTML syntax (except the XHTML, XLink, MathML, and SVG. Inline-SVG sind klasse, um scharfe Icons für alle Displays einzubinden. Die automatische Sprite-Erzeugung und dynamische Farbanpassungen sparen viel Arbeit. Inline SVG Sprite Nutzung und Automatisierung erstellen The rest of the styles are fairly self-explanatory. Make sure that your SVG has display: block; set, otherwise you will have a white space below your SVG element (You can also set display: inline-block; and vertical-align: middle;). 2. Make some waves! Now you can go to getwaves.io and make some SVG waves Writing inline JavaScript is one of the many things you learn when you want to tinker with how HTML behaves. However, writing JavaScript straight into your HTML pages is not considered a best practice. In fact, it's considered very 90s by today's coding standards

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There are a lot of good reasons that we should be using SVGs, but they can seem complicated and scary. This video, which is part one of a mini-series explori.. SVG. 10/20/2016; 2 minutes to read; In this article. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a powerful way to add high-fidelity, easily scalable visuals—from small and simple to large and complex— to a website without the need for a plug-in or separate viewer.Windows Internet Explorer 9 introduced support for the basic SVG feature set, based on the SVG 1.1 (Second Edition) specification.


To avoid this, you can add an inline element immediately inside the tags of the existing markup, and follow the rules below for marking up that inline element. For more information about handling direction in non-inline elements, see Structural markup and right-to-left text in HTML O SVG inline é a utilização da sua estrutura jogada diretamente no código html, como o SVG trabalha numa estrutura similar ao xml/html, ele acaba se encaixando sem problemas dentro do site. Uma dica é criar partials separadas, contendo todos esses elementos SVG e adicioná-los no seu código, assim evita de ver aquele código gigante que. This can be achieved in almost exactly the same way as with HTML: <code><svg xmlns=http://www.w3.org/2000/svg xmlns:xlink=http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink version=1.1> <a '''xlink:href=http://www.someurl.com#someid'''> <text x=10 y=25 >An example link.</text> </a> </svg></code> An embedded SVG image is a separate file that is stuck into a page, just like a bitmap or JPEG, and so is not actually part of the document; an 'inline' image is one that is written directly into the HTML of the page (using XML namespaces), and is therefore part of the main document itself. The following example is the template for this very page

Optimize the size of your SVG files before publishing them. Convert your SVG drawings to PNG images for publication. Encode your images (svg, png, jpeg) in base 64 for insertion into your HTML pages. Pure HTML5 and CSS styles; Optimized for Chrome & FireFox, compatible with Edge, Safari and Opera. Touch device compatible HTML: SVG: Example 1: (IE Only) In the following, a series of radio buttons allows the user to investigate values of two parameters of the feTurbulence property which allows images to be distorted in interesting ways. As the user chooses new values of NumOctaves and BaseFrequency the underlying image (in this case a simple polygon. décembre 9, 2020 Mourad ELGORMA Aucun commentaire Beginners, Hindi, HTML SVG, html svg tutorial, HTML tutorial for beginners in Hindi, html tutorial for beinners, html website design tutorial, html5 and css3 tutorial, HTML5 drawing, HTML5 inline SVG, html5 new tags, HTML5 shapes, html5 svg, html5 svg tutorial, html5 svg vs canvas, html5. Demo for svg-pan-zoom: In-line SVG. enable disable disabl To change an icon, write a different icon name in the data-icon attribute instead of fa-regular:home. Look in icon collections to find icons. Click an icon to see HTML code for that icon. Importing SVG framework . You can also import Iconify SVG framework in other script and bundle it with your code

Ellipse. <?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8 standalone=no?> <svg xmlns=http://www.w3.org/2000/svg width=520 height=350> <ellipse cx=258 cy=169 rx=250 ry=80 transform=matrix (0.866025,-0.5,0.5,0.866025,-46,152) style=fill:none;stroke:black;stroke-width:3 /> </svg> Using inline SVG code. Where SVGs differ is that the code inside the file can be copied and pasted directly on a page to display the image. This method allows for more control over manipulating the image. For more advanced information on the different ways to use SVG, check out the CSS Tricks article Using SVG. Benefits of SVG Scalabilit Below is an example of simple SVG in an HTML document. When written inline in HTML5, there is no need to specify the svg namespace xmlns=http://www.w3.org/2000/svg or xlink namespace xmlns:xlink=http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink attributes First, let's drop the desired SVG into an images folder just inside the root of our theme. Now, rename the SVG to inline-[filename].svg.php. So, if its original name was logo.svg, name it inline-logo.svg.php. Now it's time for some get_template_part() action. get_template_part() accepts two parameters, the slug, and the name

Stavanger Airport, Sola (IATA code: SVG) : Category:Stavanger Airport, Sola This is a disambiguation page - a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. If an internal link referred you here, you might want to go back and fix it to point directly to the intended page An SVG smiley face, loaded inline in the HTML document. As you can see, the CSS applies to none of the circles within our embedded SVG and to every circle within our inline SVG. Embedded SVG may not always be the best choice for your documents, but it's always nice to have options. Get HTML5 Hacks.

# Firefox 3.6, as shipped in its default configuration, does _not_ support SVG in text/html. # There is no Mac vs. other difference here. The hidden pref is cross-platform. # The pref does more than enables SVG in text/html. Flipping the pref replaces the entire HTML parser in Gecko with a snapshot of an HTML5 parser as of end of June 2009 Convert SVG to valid JSX. SVG 2 JSX. Star o HTML inline SVG sprites. Since SVG is XML code, it can be embedded inline in an HTML document as a code island using the <svg> element. Chris Coyier wrote about this technique first on CSS-Tricks. The embedded SVG will serve as a container for our icons and is going to be the actual sprite we're going to use

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<div class=e-f itemscope itemtype=http://schema.org/WebApplication><span><meta itemprop=name content=svg-grabber - get all the svg's from a site/><meta itemprop=url.. SVG (acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics) is a free and open, standardized file format for vector graphics. It is maintained and developed by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), the main international standards organization for the web

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Inline SVG - SVG markup for the icon embedded into the web page Background SVG - SVG inserted as a data:uri in a class applied to repeated elements on the web page The web page had each of these icons repeated multiple times making the page long enough to scroll CSS. You can also use the SVG within your CSS (be sure to escape any characters, such as # to %23 when specifying hex color values).When no dimensions are specified via width and height on the <svg>, the icon will fill the available space.. The viewBox attribute is required if you wish to resize icons with background-size.Note that the xmlns attribute is required inline.html contains each of the 223 SVG icons inlined in the HTML. duplicates.html contains each of the 223 SVG icons inlined in the HTML, repeated 10 times. realistic.html contains each of the 223 SVG icons inlined in the HTML, with 4 representative icons repeated 20 times. html 68168 open-iconic-references.html There is one major issue when it comes to integrating vue-svg-loader with Jest, and it is async behaviour. Jest's transforms are synchronous, webpack loaders can be both. That means we cannot use SVGO to process the SVG files, which can be bad in some cases Convert SVG to Base64 online and use it as a generator, which provides ready-made examples for data URI, img src, CSS background-url, and others. The SVG to Base64 converter is identical to Image to Base64 , with the only difference that it forces the mime type to be image/svg+xml (even if the uploaded file has a different content type or.

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SVG の例. <html>. <body>. <h1> My first SVG </h1>. <svg width=100 height=100>. <circle cx=50 cy=50 r=40 stroke=green stroke-width=4 fill=yellow />. </svg>. </body>. </html> Inline Style: Uses a single `style` attribute per SVG tag, containing all tag's style properties combined in CSS syntax. Note: The default styling for SVG is set to Presentation Attributes because it improves compatibility with common developer tools, such as Android Studio. Font. Choose how fonts are represented in the SVG file Inline SVG spriting and currentColor. Posted on August 05, 2016 - By Charlotte Jackson. A very common use for SVGs are icon systems. When building these I've always gone by a general rule: Add decorative images as background images in CSS and add meaningful images in HTML with appropriate alternative text. This time however, I needed to make an. Maintaining a significant portion of inline SVG in your HTML pages isn't the most fun task and most of the times won't help you to understand your HTML code quickly. Dwayne Charrington found a great solution for this problem by creating a custom element that replaces itself with external SVG (Inline SVG custom element for Aurelia) One major concept to grasp in HTML is the difference between block elements and inline elements.Block elements are those that take up the full width available on a web page, effectively blocking out any other elements from sitting next to it on the left or right.Inline elements are those who only take up as much width as is needed to display the contents of the element, thereby allowing other.

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Inline images are not supported in Internet Explorer 5-7, although version 8 reportedly supports them. The base64 textual representation of image data also takes up more bytes than the binary image. In our tests the base64 data was 39 to 45% larger than the binary image, but with gzip compression the difference was reduced to only 8 to 9% larger I fount How do I embed Google Web Fonts into an SVG?, but I am a bit confused on how to apply the code to the SVG, if I even need to. Can the SVG use the .woff font referenced in the CSS file? Was the way I manually changed the font inside the SVG file correct? Here is the code for the SVG: <?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8 standalone=n It also allows you to display inline SVG in WordPress posts and pages. First, you need to install and activate the SVG Support plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin. Upon activation, you need to visit Settings » SVG Support page to configure plugin settings SVGの書き方 (2): タグとして. 下記の様に HTML 中に直接記述することもできます。. HTML. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset=utf-8> <title>SVG Test</title> </head> <body> <svg x=0 y=0 width=100 height=60 style=background-color: #ddd> <polygon points=50 10, 70 30, 50 50, 30 30 fill=#99f /> </svg> </body> </html> In SVG Options, choose settings suitable for your artwork from the CSS, Font, and other menus. Select Minify to generate SVG code with minimal IDs, indents, lines, and white spaces. Click OK. See SVG to learn more about SVG options. Note: After exporting SVG code, don't reopen in Illustrator to edit further

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Can I use provides up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers Short Answer: The 'Inline SVG' method involves the inclusion of SVG markup directly in the markup for a web page. I've placed inline SVG's across several of my websites, offering the opportunity for flexible customisation with CSS and Javascript.. Why use SVG URI instead of SVG data-URI? Embedding SVG URIs into the CSS is the currently preferred method because: The SVG remains hand editable in the style sheet. The SVG URI has a smaller footprint, theoretically up to 25% less code a than in data-URI format. SVG URIs also achieve better gzip compression than their data URI equivalents

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